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Calculators about Debt Management

Which pieces of your financial puzzle are you missing?If you want to crunch some numbers to find out how debt is impacting your finances, then you’ve come to the right place! Do things like generate amortization tables and graphs, look at payoff scenarios, and compare potential loans.

You’ll find a variety of calculators here, to evaluate credit card debt, mortgages, car loans, and business loans. They’re easy to use… Just plug some numbers in and get instant answers.

Click On This LinkAmortized loan calculations showing the repayment schedule of principal and interest PLUS a graph.

Click On This LinkMortgage payment calculations showing breakdown of monthly principal, interest, taxes and insurance.
Click On This LinkCar Loan amortization calculations showing breakdown of monthly principal and interest payments.
Click On This LinkCompare two different loans to determine which is the better deal.
Click On This LinkCompare a Standard and Bi-Weekly mortgage scenario.
Click On This LinkFind the real APR of a loan.
Click On This LinkCompare an existing mortgage with refinancing.
Click On This LinkCompare what would happen if points were paid in order to get a lower interest rate.
Click On This LinkThe time it will take to pay off credit card debt with minimum payments.
Click On This LinkSetting a monthly payment goal to pay off credit card debt sooner.
Click On This LinkHow much extra is needed each month to pay a debt off sooner?