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Want more money for saving, investing and spending?

Going nowhere fast with your financesDo you feel like you’re going nowhere fast, like this guy running in the wheel?

Are you working harder but still having a hard time making ends meet?

Will you have enough money for your retirement years?

Are you looking for ways to help improve your financial picture?

Have you noticed all the reports of negative economic news?  The foreclosure and bankruptcy statistics?

What are the things you would do if time and money were no object?
•    Buy a better home?
•    Buy a better car?
•    Take vacations?People dream about what they would do if they had more time and money
•    Travel?
•    Spend more time with your family?
•    Send your children to college?
•    Start a business?
•    Buy a vacation home or a yacht?
•    Donate more time and money to charities?
•    Put more money into savings or investments?
•    Enjoy retirement without having to go back to work to pay bills?
•    You fill-in the blank with whatever you aspire to do.

Everyone has dreams like that.  Unfortunately most people get to the end of their lives without coming close to fulfilling their dreams.  Why not?  It usually boils down to insufficient funds.

And what’s the reason for insufficient funds?  The Financial freedom means you can truly retire when you want totwo sides of the budget equation are income and expenses.  When it comes to expenses, the biggest drain on most households is repayment of debts.

Monthly payments not only divert money that could be used to meet other immediate needs, but the interest being paid on those debts is money being lost and thus has a bearing on someone’s entire financial future.

The time value of money can work for you or against youThe intent of this site is to provide information and tools that can help people better manage their financial resources so that they might achieve their lifetime dreams and goals… So they have more money available for saving, investing and spending.

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