Local Government Leaders

Taxpayers are tired of public debt… Are you ready to face your constituents?

Across the United States and Canada, local government entities are organized and named differently, varying according to state or provincial structure.  For example, you might be a county, a township, a village, a town, a borough, a city, a district, to name a few.

Voters expect their tax dollars to be used wiselyBut no matter where you are, or what your political jurisdiction is, all public officials deal with the balancing act of meeting public expectations while remaining fiscally responsible.

Most citizens don’t think about all the other expenses of running a government beyond the fundamental services they see being performed on a daily basis.  Such things as costs for future infrastructure maintenance and improvement projects, debt service for past projects, satisfying federal and state environmental regulations and mandates, meeting rising payroll-related costs, and the list goes on.

It seems like an uphill battle… That is, Many communities incur debt to pay for projects providing the level of service your constituents expect, plus meeting all the other obligations, while minimizing taxation.

Are you having to make tough budgetary choices?

Citizens are more concerned than ever about government debt. Imagine how relieved everyone would feel — taxpayers and politicians alike — if their government could get out of debt and finally solve the debt problem.

Does your budget include repayment of interest-bearing loans?

What if those debts could be retired ahead of schedule?  Instead of those dollars going toward periodic payments to lenders, how else would you use that money?

Are you looking for waysEarly retirement of debt demonstrates good fiscal stewardship to help improve your financial picture?

Would you like to demonstrate to your constituents that their tax dollars are being wisely managed?

This website provides information and tools that local government entities can use to better manage their community’s financial resources.

The same principles and tools that individual citizens can use for debt relief can be utilized by local governments.  So be sure to see the video about using automated financial guidance software for managing debt, cash flow, and budgets.

Also, feel free to contact Jeffrey anytime for ideas about how to address debt issues of your community.