Church Leaders

If our money isn’t serving God, then who is it serving?

Are your church’s finances being managed
in accordance with Scriptural principles or worldly principles?

Is your church on sound financial footing?God tells us through the Bible how we are to manage our money

Are you satisfied with your bottom line? Would you like to improve it?

Are you looking for ways to reduce expenses?

Do your monthly expenses include repayment of church loans?

If so, do you realize how much the interest on those debts is costing you?

If your money isn't helping to build God's Kingdom then where is it going? What would you do with that money if it wasn’t going toward monthly loan payments?
• Renovate?
• Expand?
• Give pay increases to your pastors and church staff?
• Build a cash reserve for future capital improvements?
• Apply more funds to various ministries of your church?
• Start new ministries?
• Spread the gospel to more people?

How about the members – the individuals and families – of your congregation? How are they holding up under the pressure of debt? How is debt affecting their level of giving to the church?People who have debt have less money available for giving

Can you imagine how it would affect the dynamics of your church if just a quarter of the congregation were to become debt-free? … How that would affect tithing, the level of giving to meet needs and goals, and participation in church ministries?

The dollars lost to debt is money that could otherwise be used to build God’s Kingdom. If our money isn’t serving God, then who is it serving? Being free from debt is not only consistent with Scriptural principles, but it enables more funds to be directed toward building God’s Kingdom.

Being debt free is Scripturally sound

Are you sure your fiscal advisors and decision-makers are aware of the best strategy for dealing with debt?

Are they using the latest strategies and technologies or operating only by conventional methodologies?

This site provides information and tools that both church leaders and members can utilize to optimize their financial positions.

Be sure to see the information about using financial guidance software to payoff debt faster and monitor your budget in real time.

Also, feel free to contact Jeffrey anytime to discuss how to address debt issues and cash flow problems in your church.