About This Site

About This Site

Tracking debt and interest charges uses a lot of red inkThe best way to determine your financial standing is to take the value of everything you have (assets) and subtract the amount you owe others (liabilities).  The goal is to have more assets than liabilities.

For many households, businesses and organizations, repayment of debt is a significant liability.

Not only must the principal amount be repaid, but the longer the debt is outstanding the more interest is being charged.

In fact, the amount of money people lose to interest charges is astounding.  So not only does debt tie up funds that could be used for other purposes, but the interest paid is money lost.

StopMoneyLoss.com explores concepts and specific techniques for improving stewardship of financial resources, especially how to minimize the loss of money to debt and interest charges.

Everyone is looking to improve their financial picture. Nobody wants to become a negative economic statistic.

The aim of this site is to help individuals, families, businesses, and organizations such as churches and even local governments, how to free up more money for saving, investing and spending.


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