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About Me

Who is Jeffrey White, you ask?  And, why should you pay attention to anything he has to say about finances?

I’ll start with the basics about me… I’m a lifelong resident of Central Ohio.  I treasure the time spent with my dear wife Victoria and our teenagers Andrew and Elizabeth.  We all enjoy our miniature dachshund, Rusty.
The White Family
Hobbies and interests include – among other things – doing home renovation projects and outdoor pursuits like bicycling, bird watching, nature photography, fly fishing, hunting, canoeing, camping, and exploring new places.

My career track has included over two decades of experience developing major public works projects, five years as owner of a commercial photography studio, and now a consulting business providing clients with coaching in these areas:
•    Entrepreneurial Development
•    Internet Marketing
•    Financial Education & Stewardship

These areas all revolve around a passion for helping people to achieve financial peace.

It was the experience of going through a job loss and period of Your income needs to be greater than what you owe on debtsunemployment that caused me to become keenly aware of my financial vulnerability and to seek ways to strategically manage my resources.

Those who are debt free are in a better financial positionIn doing so, I came to realize I was not the only one in the world having financial challenges or going through career upheaval.  In fact, these problems are widespread.

For years, I had been focusing on myself and had fallen into the pattern of working from paycheck to paycheck to pay the bills, without devoting much effort to managing my money.

The job loss forced me to see things differently.  In fact, I had a paradigm shift regarding my career path.  That is, a complete change in my focus and way of thinking, leading in a direction I wouldn’t have previously thought possible.Jeffrey changed his focus to helping people change their financial destinies

It’s like the well known drawing that looks like the caricature of an old woman which, if you study it long enough, reveals the image of a young lady.  Or, those multi-colored geometric patterns that suddenly reveal hidden 3-D images if you stare at them long enough.

So my focus changed to helping others solve their financial challenges.

One doesn’t have to look far to find people who are in financial stress, whether it’s because of insufficient income or too many expenses, or a combination thereof.  It’s no fun to go through life that way.

Jeffrey can save you from drowning in a sea of debt

The level of consumer debt is at epidemic proportions.  A staggering number of people are drowning in a sea of debt. People are going broke in record numbers.  They need help getting out of debt, and most are feeling hopeless about it.

I’ve made it my mission to lead people to real solutions that they can implement immediately.

I think of myself as being in a lifeboat and throwing lifelines out to people who are drowning in a sea of financial problems.

The goal is to help individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to have more money for saving, investing and spending.

I’m eager to help, so feel free to contact me anytime.

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